Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The painting has started

 I started putting the brush to work last night and have decided to do all the figures i have in their base coats and do all there skin that's nearly 300 figures, i have a batch of about 100 that i m working on at work in my lunch times, It's going to take a while but at least i'm underway, i have about 80 ready to base and about 60 still to glue up. they should be ready to undercoat on the weekend so here's a couple of pic's of the progress,  I've done the skin the first of three layers of dark blue and two layers of the lighter blue still haven't decided on the third highlight yet so if you have a suggestion let me know. 
I've added a pic of some Sash and Sabers that i did about a month ago i had quite a few comments on the pants not being light enough

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Reinforcements Arrive

I've been coordinating and organising a rather large order from Perry Miniatures on behalf of six other guys. The Perry's were nice enough to come to the party and so we got a pretty handy discount. Part of the order arrived last week (see Kent's blog) and the rest turned up today. This lot should keep the guys busy for a while. As you can see, they are taking this Gettysburg project pretty seriously!


Saturday, 3 November 2012

More Rebel recruits!

Here are some more photos from Russell Briant of his wonderful Confederate troops. I believe these represent Jones' Brigade of Johnson Division, part of 2nd Corp under Ewell.

 The flags are yet to be added.