Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lutheran Seminary

Geoff Martin, known as "GOD" next weekend,( he will be the main umpire) has been busy working on a number of terrain items for the game.

Here is his model of the Lutheran Seminary taken from a free download here.

The download is for a 15mm building but Geoff has re sized it to suit this 28mm  game. Basically it is printed onto paper and then glued onto foamboard .

 Very nice work there Geoff!

This time next week and we will be half way through the game!!!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

2nd Corps Artillery contribution and Johnson's Division on Parade

Russell has been at it again!

This time with his artillery and then some shots of  Johnson's Division.

First two are my share of the six guns in 2nd Corps Artillery Reserve.
I have converted one into a 20pdr Parrott gun, the biggest pieces for both sides. The Rockhampton (Va) battery in the 2nd Corps reserve had 4, and the Lynchburg (Lee) Battery in Johnson's Division had another 2, as well as a 3" rifle and a 10pdr Parrott.
I used a 12pdr Napoleon barrel as the base, filing off the barrel mouth lip, and an aluminium and a brass tube to build up the breech reinforcing ring, the signature of the Parrott artillery pieces (they still burst with alarming regularity).
Happy with the outcome.

 Also two shots of the assembled Division and Johnson leading them. 42 infantry bases with 236 figures, 5 artillery pieces with 20 crew, Johnson and his orderly.

 Absolutely fantastic painting and beautiful base work Russell.


If you haven't already been over to Craig's Wargaming Blog then go take a look at the wonderful work that Craig has done on Hood's Division.

Here is a teaser,

There are a lot more photos of Craig's very fine work on his blog.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Steuart's brigade

Some more fantastic work from Russell Briant.

Here is what Russell had to say,

Look out for Grace the dog on Steuart's stand. She was the mascot of the 1st Maryland regiment. She was killed in the regiment's second assault on Culp's Hill on 3rd July 1863.
In life she was more of a hairy grey mongrel but the model 'Small English Dog'  from Eureka Miniatures I thought looked better in white, contrasting with the grey uniforms.

I am sure you will all agree that these are very fine looking chaps about to further the cause for the South!!

Looking forward to seeing these guys in the flesh!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Coming Soon!

With less than two weeks to go, Gettysburg is just around the corner. If you have not yet returned your registration form to Chris please do so ASAP as we need to know who is coming. If you are interested in playing please get in touch as there may well still be some gaps. I suspect that there will be enough troops so if you want to join in but have no ACW troops , don't worry just let us know.

I know the QRS sheet here is crap!!. We are supplying "good" copies for you at the game. If you do want one to print off before hand, get in touch and I will email it to you.

 Just as a bit of a taste here are some photos from one of our practise games.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Updated QRS

Unfortunately for those of you that have downloaded the QRS you will have to do it all again! There was a fairly major typo that has since been corrected. The NEW QRS has been uploaded to the page  "Quick Reference Sheet".

The main points are; Infantry stands should be 1 point for firing and not 2 as in the first version.
                                 and Command Radius should read 12".

Manoeuver Table Roll (Rules Change):A brigade must roll on the Manoeuver Table if it attempts to move, change formation, or begins the player turn disordered’. For brigades that are within the command radius of their divisional leader one die roll is made. All brigades under the command of that leader use the same base die roll. A separate roll on the manoeuver table is made for each brigade that is outside the command radius of their divisional leader. Use the Regimental Fire and Fury command Radius of 12 inches. [Rules change from RFnF].
Just 30 odd days to go guys!!!!!