Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fire and Fury Markers

The Fire and Fury rules make use of several markers to signify a brigade's or battery's status, order or movement mode during the battle. Some of these markers will be used quite often, others may only be used once or twice through out the whole game!

Disorder/ Silenced marker.

Probably the most common marker used. Any brigade not disordered at some point during a game has not been doing their part!!

Disorder/ Silenced can be dead or wounded figures.

Low on ammunition marker.

Firing makes use of a D10 to determine the final result. If you happen to roll a 10 on the dice when firing you will not only cause some pain to the enemy but your unit or units may go "low on ammo"as well.

Loading chaps for the foot brigades.

Various types that could be used.
 The ammo markers above are from Foundry( Barrels at the back), wooden barrels made for model ships, resin crates and piles of BB pellets glued together.
ACW Caisson

David's ammo chest.

Breakthrough marker.

This one is used when your attacking brigade has won the melee and you get the chance to carry on charging another half move toward the enemy and into another melee!
Generally an officer type figure waving a sword is good for this marker.

Damaged battery marker.

Used when a battery suffers a "damaged" combat effect. This reduces the firing effect from the battery.

Made from some spare barrels, spare wheels and some balsa wood.

One of David's . Again spare wheel and barrel and this one has an added wounded artillery crew member.

The red hat helps make him stand out on the table.

Limber marker.

Often we just have the gun model turned around to show that it is limbered. This can sometimes get confusing though. Here are some possible ways to show that the gun is limbered.

David's gun and limber. David replaces the gun model with this limber set when the gun is limbered and then changes them back when it unlimbers.
Kent's 6 horse gun and limber set.
My gun and limber set. A 4 part setup .

Another option.

With just the horses. When the gun unlimbers I will take away the horses and turn the gun to face.

Rebel battery on the move.
  Personally I prefer to see models instead of labels or shiny stones to represent certain things on the table top. We realise that not everyone wants to model these extra markers. Here I have tried to make up a photo of some of the markers that could be downloaded, resized and printed off to use instead of buying and painting more figures.
Of course you may have access to better photos than these that will work.

There are some gamers who are planning on getting some laser cut markers made instead but I have no idea what they will look like.