Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Stacky, one of the Southern Strategists had a flag pole erected in his yard when his house was built. Here is some proof that I obtained that shows clearly which side of the fence Wayne is on!

Wayne's blog can be found here


If you are looking for some inspiration here is a wonderful site with magnificent model buildings built up into an awesome layout and genuine ACW paraphernalia adorning the walls of his room.

Captain Richard's blog is full of wonderful photos, so go check them out.


If you are looking at painting up some Rebels and who wouldn't want to after all they are far more colourful than the Union army! Here are some links to great photos and info on how to paint them.

There are heaps more articles about ACW troops on Mike's blog, even some Union!


After some discussion we have decided on a points system for the "recruits" section on this blog.

The intention is to encourage us all to put in some effort and get troops ready for the big game.

So, points will be awarded as follows,

        1pt per stand that was already set to go before we decided to do this refight.
        1.5 pts for stands that were largly ready to go but have required some touching up or re-basing etc.
        2 pts for freshly painted up stands.
        4 pts for freshly painted artillery or wagons or Commands stands containing more than 2 mounted figures.


Chris has sent me some links to free downloadable flag sites. If you want some cheap ACW flags take a look at these.


  1. This week I placed an order for my Confederate flags from Adolfo Ramos in Madrid. Saw his work on the Perry's site and thought they look pretty good.

    Adolfo's new site is

    At €1.50 for a 25mm flag they are well priced.

    The range isn't large particularly for the Union but it had the Confederate battle, national, Virginian and Louisiana flags I needed.

    I spent a bit if time with Adolfo getting New Zealand set up as a destination

  2. A bit more on Adolfo Ramos flags.

    The site is in Spanish but Google Translate fixes that.

    I'm happy to talk anyone through the site, making payment etc.

    By all means mention me if you deal with Adolfo.

  3. Rodger...I wasn't expecting to see that when I came to your blog...I thank you and your blog is looking fantastic.

  4. Thanks Rodger! I'm happy you enjoy my ACW stuff and very much look forward on what will appear on Harper's Weekly.