Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Building for Gettysburg.

The Trostle farm was situated in almost the centre of the battlefield between the Emmitsburg Road and Cemetery Ridge not far from the Peach Orchard and the Wheatfield . Leased by Abraham Trostle and his wife Catherine from Abraham's father Peter.

On the 2nd of July  Major-General Sickles had his Union troops positioned forward of the farm.With the farm house itself being used as his HQ.

 Rebel troops attacked the Union troops in the afternoon.

 The Rebels forced the Union troops back towards the ridge.

By the end of the 3 day battle the Trostles had lost everything they owned. Their food supplies had been eaten, their crops destroyed and their livestock killed or driven away by the fighting.
When they returned after the battle they found 16 dead horses near the door of the house and 100 more around the farm!

I have more photos of the house on my blog at Rebel Barracks.

The troops used for the photos are Renegade minis with some dead Dixon Fig's and Foundry mounted Generals.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and a nice report.

  2. Looks like youve been busy over the Xmas break. Simply stunning work mate and dont those smartly attired Union boys look the part. I think I can find a place of honour for them in 2nd Corps.

    1. Sure you an borrow my Union dudes, it will cost you the same number of stands of Rebels painted by YOU!!!!

  3. Wonderful pictures, 2013 is beginning with a stunning work!

  4. Happy New Year Rodger and all other Harper's weekly readers.

    Mighty fine building and figures to go with it.


  5. Happy New Year Rodger, thats a mighty fine looking building.

  6. Happy New Year Rodger! Harper's Weekly will certainly be one of my top favorites for 2013. Great painting and I get lots of inspiration to get back into ACW soon..Cheers, Michael

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