Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Updated QRS

Unfortunately for those of you that have downloaded the QRS you will have to do it all again! There was a fairly major typo that has since been corrected. The NEW QRS has been uploaded to the page  "Quick Reference Sheet".

The main points are; Infantry stands should be 1 point for firing and not 2 as in the first version.
                                 and Command Radius should read 12".

Manoeuver Table Roll (Rules Change):A brigade must roll on the Manoeuver Table if it attempts to move, change formation, or begins the player turn disordered’. For brigades that are within the command radius of their divisional leader one die roll is made. All brigades under the command of that leader use the same base die roll. A separate roll on the manoeuver table is made for each brigade that is outside the command radius of their divisional leader. Use the Regimental Fire and Fury command Radius of 12 inches. [Rules change from RFnF].
Just 30 odd days to go guys!!!!!

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