Saturday, 6 July 2013

First day of Battle.

A few shots from day 1. Very poor lighting at the venue, hence some rather poor quality photos.

The Union army prepares for casualties at Trostle farm.

The Peach Orchard

Confederates moving out of Gettysburg.

Union commanders

Union commanders on Cemetery Ridge and the Round Tops.

General Rodes

Looking down the table from the Round tops to Gettysburg.

John Bell Hood's Division meets 5th Corp between the Round tops

Hood's troops have just taken Devil's Den . (centre right)

Round top is under Rebel control, but Little Round Top is very much under Union control.

Looking over most of the table.

Nightfall at the end of day1.

Tonight we get some reinforcements back and tomorrow we carry on .


  1. Fantastic looking game thanks for taking the time to share it with us

  2. Looks like a great and huge game, very nice pics!

  3. Now that's an awesome table!


  4. Well, all done now. Sitting at the airport waiting to fly back to Wellington reflecting on a great weekend and a multi-month project which started September in the wake of Borodino, our first RFBG (this is a Hutton term - Really Friendly Big Game - I think those are the words).

    I now know a new period I knew nothing about before. I have an army and a bunch of books I didn't have before.

    Johnson's division did little on the first day, being a force in being below Culp's Hill and tying up a Union Corps (Slocum's run by Kent) who were equally convinced they were tying up a powerful CSA division. As time was called on day one they were positioned to charge the Eastern end of Culp's Hill.

    Day 2 Kent and I went at it. Steuart's big 14 stand Exceptionally well led Brigade backed by Jones 11 stand brigade hit Candy's brigade. They were disordered by the defensive shooting but, in a pattern repeated many times over the next five hours won the fight by 1 and forced Candy back out of the breastworks.

    Over the next few turns they slowly pushed the Union forces off Culp's hill and then threw back the large counter attacks. Walker's Virginian and Nicholl's Louisanan Brigades came across Stone creek and, in tandem, pushed back the extreme left of the Union line as well.

    Ended the day holding Culp's hill facing growing numbers of Union brigades. Fighting in a forest kept down the effect of shooting, so melee dominated.

    Johnson's division had the good fortune to win all its melees by at least 1. Some days that's the way the dice roll.

    See many of you at the Liepzig refight in October.

    Russell "Edward Johnson" Briant