Friday, 28 December 2012

A growing tide of blue!

The Union army keeps on growing. This time it is due to Kent and his brushes. 20 stands of very well painted figures on wonderful looking bases.

Kent has made several posts on his own blog covering the painting of these guys from start to finish. Here is the link to these chaps with a few more photos,

Figures are a mix of Perry plastics Perry metal and Sash & Saber miniatures
the flags are from free warflags.


  1. Go Kent. Those look fantastic. Basing, painting and composition - all great.

    Did the photos get inverted or have you found a complete range of left handed figures? Certainly makes them look interesting!


  2. Wonderful minis, I do like the poses!

  3. the photos became inverted and i didn't notice till it was to late