Sunday, 16 December 2012

Union Artillery.

Just a couple of guns along with their crews that I painted up a year or so ago.  As I am doing Confederate troops for the Gettysburg game these will be the only Union artillery that I will do. My next lot of guns will be Rebel ones.

These guys are from Foundry .

Just over 200 days to go!!!!

I know there are a lot more troops that are painted up and going to be at this game. Please let me know you totals for the points! and photos too if possible.

Nick Garden has emailed some more to me tonight and these will be posted soon.


  1. Very nice, minis, pictures, and light!

  2. they do look good and i'm working hard on my pile so you will gt some pics but not ccomplete ones yet

  3. Great guns!

    Expect to get you photos of a completed Walker's "Stonewall " brigade before the end of the week.


  4. Very decent of you to supply guns for the Boys in Blue old thing. These will fit nicely into the line on Cemetery Ridge.

    Nice work.

    You'll be pleased to know Ive started painting 2nd Corps Cross's Brigade tonight. Blue jackets completed. Great to get my painting room back up and running.